What Is A Meta Description Tag

Learn What A Meta Description Tag Is And How To Use It

If you are unfamiliar with what is a meta description, then you are in luck. We will cover all of the important information about this wonderful 160 character snippet that is shown in the SERP's.

The meta description tag is what is shown below a website’s title whenever it show's up in the SERP's and is very similar to how schema markup's work. The description is supposed to briefly summarizes a particular web page’s content so that any potential visitors will know what the page is about before clicking through to the site.

The meta tag is a huge SEO factor for the search engines​ and not all ​web sites utilize this useful tool.

Search Engines & Meta Tags: The Relationship Between The Two

The meta tags used to weigh heavier in the ranking algorithm of all search engines including Google. However, the amount of relevency given by the ranking algorithm is a lot less because websites started to abuse this tool by keyword stuffing. This does not mean that Google forgot about the meta description tag completely.

Meta Description Tag Example

Currently, it is now being utilized by the search engine in search results page as snippets or previews of the website’s contents. Despite the reduction of relevancey   to the meta description tags in Google’s algorithm, business SEO service providers utilize this tool for optimization and CTR's.

​The meta description tags are very helpful in ​getting a higher click​ through rate​ (CTR) which is also an SEO factor. The meta tag snippets ​is ​a great opportunity to let the searchers know the value of the web page’s contents and​ whether or not it answers their ​query.

Reasons Why The Meta Description Is Important

One of the first tasks of any SEO plan is to get the web pages ranked in search engine results page. This task must be done in such a way that conversions are optimized. Being at the top of any search engine result will be futile if the searcher does not click through to the website.

This is where the meta description comes in. Its primary purpose is to advertise the page and entice the searcher to click on the link. Aside from that, there are three other reasons why the meta description tag in important.

1. The meta description tag is widely used when shared on social media

Social media is the most popular form of media nowadays. Advertising and marketing on social media is effective because almost everyone is on social media every day. Therefore, the fact that top social media networks still use it shows that meta tags are not going anywhere.

But how do these networks use the meta tags?

Whenever a person shares a page on social networking sites like Facebook, the site will display either the meta description of the page or the first sentences of the post. This is crucial because if the first few sentences of your page do not show effectively summarizes the page content, then people browsing through social media will not be able to understand the message of the page.

Therefore, creating a strong and clear meta descriptions will encourage people who see your shared page on social media to click on your page’s link or even share it again on their own. The more people sharing the page, the more traffic and click-throughs it will get. Shares and likes are also an SEO factor.

2. Bookmarking networks also utilize the meta tags

Aside from the sharing feature on social media, meta description tags are also utilized on social bookmarking networks. These networks use the words in the meta description tags as the page’s description on their bookmarking network.

3. Keywords are bold in the search engine results page

Whenever a person searches for a particular word or phrase, the search engine sites display them in bold in the search results page. This makes the keywords stand out from the page and capture the searcher’s attention. Therefore, the top keyword or phrase associated with the page’s content should be in the SEO title and meta description which makes your page more likely to be clicked on.

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Tips On How To Write A Meta Description?

Meta description tags can be edited in your website’s HTML. If you run your website off WordPress, there are programs or plug ins that are free and easy to use. Your website’s hosting provider may also have their own built-in SEO options which you can use to add content to your meta descriptions tag.

Additionally, our business class web development service can write and implement highly optimized meta descriptions for SEO and conversions on all of your pages.

Here are a few tips that may come in handy when creating or editing your meta description tags.

Use a call to action. A good meta description uses a call to action which compels the searcher to click through to your website on the SERP's

Use powerful words in your meta description. Be careful not to use harsh or offensive language as this can have the opposite effect. Use words that can clearly & effectively convey the message you want your visitors to receive. You want your visitors to know exactly what your web page is about and how you can answer their question. If your meta description is misleading then it might damage your site's reputation rather than build it up.

Do not hesitate to experiment with your meta tags. Try something new every now and then. The best way to know what works is to test and monitor if the changes you made lead to more traffic or higher click through rates. You can also experiment on different character lengths, phrasing tones and keyword positions within the meta description.

Our Final Thoughts On The Meta Description Tags

Meta description tags is a very powerful tool to help build your website’s following and increase click through rates. With this increase, potential visitors can be converted into potential customers which hopefully will lead into a loyal following.

Meta description tags, even with it's reduced relevancy in the ranking algorithms, are here to stay and is still useful. So go back and start editing your meta descriptions so you can reap the long term rewards.

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