How To Use Facebook For Business

Learn How To Use Facebook For Business With These Basic Tips

Facebook for businesses is not just for big companies. Some have this wrong impression that social media marketing entails spending big bucks but this is not actually the case. These type of tools can also be used by small businesses and entrepreneurs anywhere. This article will discuss how to use Facebook for business on a basic level. We will cover the paid, and more advanced side in another article.

You can save yourself from a lot of unnecessary expenses by knowing what tools to use and how to properly use them. Some of the tools you can use are just basic ones that are free. Listed below are some tips & tools that will be hopefully be useful to you if you are planning to take the plunge and use Facebook for your business. Most of these Facebook for business tips can be applied to your other social media accounts too.

A Picture Says A Thousand Words When Using Facebook For Business

Did you know that the brain can process images 60,000 times faster than text?

Use this fact to your advantage. This is a great example on how to promote your business on Facebook. The right image can convey a powerful and emotional message to your audience. You can do this with a clear, sharp, and stunning image that can influence your audience’s emotions and touch their hearts.

Turning your messages into visually appealing content can be a challenge. You have to share images that are interesting enough to capture their attention. One stunning image can help bring out feelings like excitement, happiness, or even a sense of urgency. This will require some creative thinking to make this applicable and relevant to your business.

Aside from images, you can also make your posts more interesting by putting collages, graphs, and infographics. These types of graphs are effective if you are conveying a lot of structured information which will be much more effective than bombarding your audience with a lot of words.

You can create visual aids using free tools online. In addition, you can also use other people’s images as long as you cite the original creators of the images. There are image libraries online which house a lot of images that you can definitely use for you marketing strategies. Some of the good – and free – ones are Pixabay and Freepik.

Post Relevant & Interesting Content To Your Facebook For Business Page

If you have not noticed yet, Facebook pages and posts that usually go viral are those that are interesting and relevant to the times. Post content that your audience will value will help it go viral when using Facebook for business. With good and buzz-worthy content, you can open up possibilities of interacting with your target audience and building a good relationship with them.

Post Relevant & Interesting Content To Facebook 1

When you constantly put quality information on your Facebook for business page, you can be considered as an expert in your field. So how do you know which content to post?

There are different free applications that help you find out what’s trending in your niche. These applications will find you relevant and new content based on certain keywords which you can then report or feature on your page.

One of these apps is DrumUp. It is designed to understand your needs and recommend to you good content using “intelligent machine learning and Naturan Language Processing algorithms.”

Why do you have to post content? Your ultimate goal in populating your page with good contents is to be the go-to place of your potential and existing audience whenever they want to know something related to your niche or topics your audience can relate to.

Getting Shares and Retweets should be your secondary goal. When people “share” your content, others who are not exposed to your brand can see the shared posts too. This will then result a further, organic reach that can generation more leads.

Therefore, post everything that will satisfy your audience’s wants and needs. Place yourself in a powerful position to influence how your customers think and what you want them to know.

Let Your Audience Do The Talking

People are talkative on all social media outlets, not just Facebook. By talkative, it does not mean that they post non-stop or comment a lot. Simply liking a comment or a post counts as an expression of their thoughts. When you post contents on your page, listen to your customers. Facebook for business is now being used to give feed back and reviews to almost everything.

Your customers might be telling you things that you need to improve on, things you should continue doing, and things that must be replaced. Social media, especially Facebook Messenger, has also been really helpful lately in innovating customer service. During the old days, people had to call or visit the store first in order to give feed back.

With Messenger, people can instantly tell you their thoughts and feelings on your products and services. People tend to be more straightforward and honest when they talk through social media.

Listen to your customers and be attentive to their concerns. Since messages on social media come in almost instantly, you can respond to it quickly and easily before it is too late.

Aside from talking to your customers through messenger, you can also create a discussion on your Facebook for business page by posting interesting trivia or asking your audience for opinions. Your audience will love it if they know that they are being heard and that their opinions matter.

Another way to establish good relationship with your customers is by celebrating milestones. It need not be the milestone of your company but even milestones of your city, country and even holidays.

For instance, during Christmas season, you can post questions like “What is the most touching gift you ever received in Christmas?” You can also try to put humor in your questions. By engaging your customers and letting them do the talk, you make your service and presence more customer-centric. They will keep coming back to your page because of this.

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Be In The Moment With Facebook Live

An awesome and and increasingly popular feature of Facebook is the live streaming of videos. These videos are more effective since it is the closest that you and your customer can be to an actual face-to-face interaction.

In The Moment With Facebook Live

Since live streaming happens in real time, you ought to prepare before broadcasting a live video. Choose the right equipment for your camera & microphone. Set it up and make a test run before the actual live broadcast to ensure that there will not be any technical glitches.

Choose a good spot to do your live broadcast. It can be in a cool spot in your office to showcase your brand or outdoors for a more exciting feel.

Even though the broadcast should be spontaneous, prepare a list of topics which will be the focus points to avoid straying off topic and making your Facebook live look sloppy.

DIY Or Have Your Facebook For Business Page Professionally Managed

We invite you to learn more about our social media management service by giving us a call at 512-796-3502 to see if it's right for your business. Most people are not sure how to promote their business on Facebook and need help either by outsourcing or consulting.

Have Your Facebook For Business Page Professionally Managed 1

Having a great social media marketing plan starts with the fundamentals and making connections. The point of social media is for people to connect and that is also what you should do – connect with your audience. Here at The Cyber Workshop we help businesses create, build and manage their social presence.

Thoughtful and consistent postings will convey to your audience that they can depend on and look to your business as the authority in your niche. When people know that your brand is trustworthy and knowledgeable, it will not take long before their online interactions are converted to sales.

Please leave us a comment below and tell us what you think about this article on how to use Facebook for business along with any questions you have. Thanks for reading.

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